All praises to Allah, The most Beneficent, and The Most Merciful. With the Grace of Allah Muslim Welfare society (MWS) of Darlaston is honoured to announce the development of the existing and well established Masjid-e-Umar. MWS was established in 1955 to provide prayer facilities and support to Sunni Muslims who settled in Darlaston, West Midlands, United Kingdom. MWS, has served the local community for almost 60 years, and continues to provide a central role in providing religious and educational facilities for the Muslim community. With its humble beginnings from a small house, used for five time’s daily prayers, Jumma and children’s Madrassa, to the construction and completion of the existing Masjid, completed in 1986, the Masjid has served the community well. By the Grace of All-Mighty Allah, MWS is well known in the UK and has a very reputable standing and prominence amongst many both in the UK and worldwide. MWS and Masjid-e-Umar has benefited the community immensely over the last 60 years, however the growing Muslim community and the incumbent younger generations who’s thirst to acquire and acquaint themselves with Islamic Knowledge, culture and teachings, has set a new challenge for Muslims to develop and extend the Masjid. The benefits of the extended Masjid, will be far reaching than the local community and Insha-Allah, we pray will benefit Muslims all over Following detailed discussions and consultations with the community, MWS has decided with the support and assistance of the local community and well wishers around the world to develop and extend the current Masjid. This ambitious project, will Insha’Allah further enrich the existing Masjid to facilitate a more comprehensive and accommodating establishment for all, providing excellence in prayer facilities, education for all and a central focal point for all of the community.

History of Muslims in Darlaston

The first Muslims arrived in Darlaston, in1955. They tended to live in small groups in individual houses. Many Muslims, often worked long hours to maintain their families and also the individual houses, they lived in. These communal houses were often used for Salaah and became a base, to foster the birth of a new Muslim community, providing valuable support to all Muslims to maintain and develop their faith and piety.

Establishment of Muslim Welfare Society

The growing needs of Muslims to organise and establish themselves became ever more apparent and essential, culminating in the establishment of the Muslim Welfare Society, in 1959. In 1960’s families and particularly children, came to England to join those who had come earlier on. Very early on, the requirement of a Masjid and Madrassa, a place for children to learn Quran and Seerah of the prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was identified. The Madrassa soon became a focal point for children and adults, forming part of the social life. Overall, a Masjid that contained a Madrassa emphasising the relevance of education, according to original Islamic beliefs was necessary.

New Madrassa and Masjid -59 Walsall Road

Muslims of Darlaston became more and more focused and organised working hard to buy a property to use as a local Masjid and Madrassa. With a great deal of effort, hard work and enthusiasm, the first Masjid and Madrassa was established in 1967. The small but determined Muslims of Darlaston, having worked very hard for long hours, saved sufficient monies, to purchased a property. This property was used as a Masjid and Madrassa. The Masjid, known as 59 Walsall Road, established five daily prayers together with Jumma, Taraweeh prayers, Eid prayers, and also a place where Nikkah (Islamic Marriage ceremony) was conducted. The Madrassa taught Quran to children and general Islamic knowledge including the Seerah of the Prophet (peace be upon him) To accomplish the high standard of teaching required of authentic Islamic knowledge and to teach Quraan and Sunnah, an Imam was employed from the very outset. With the, then new Madrassa and Masjid, many children became Hafiz, (memorising the Quraan) countless children and adults benefited from Islamic education and teachings. Many children continued to build on their Islamic knowledge and went to become Imams and teachers themselves.
As the population of Muslims in Darlaston increased, the need for a more purpose built Masjid, combined with a Madrassa became an increasing need. Our elders got together and embarked on raising funds for a new Masjid. A new Masjid was planned, funds raised and with the Grace of Allah a new Masjid was constructed in 1986.

Purpose to built Masjid-E-Umar

A worldwide appeal was made to raise funds to establish a purpose built mosque. Many local Muslims of Darlaston donated very generously towards the purchase of new land and construction of a new mosque.

The hard work and effort by local Muslims was soon recognised, by a generous benefactor.An anonymous philanthropist from Saudi Arabia, kindly donated one million pounds to aid in the construction of the Masjid.

The Masjid was successfully completed in 1986, with Masjid-e-Umar, ushering a new era for the Muslim Community. In 1986 Majid-e-Umar was of the first and only few purposes built Masjid in the United Kingdom. The current Masjid officially opened in 1986 by Sheikh  xxxxxxxxxxxof Mecca Al-Mukaramah with the Grace of Almighty Allah.

The very kind assistance of Sheikh Mohammed, may Allah be pleased with him and shower his choicest blessings on him, was monumental achievement for the local community.